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Sophia is a published singer/songwriter, a producer and a vocal coach. She has performed, for many years, all over the UK and spent time performing and recording in Europe and America both as a lead and backing vocalist. She specializes in soul, jazz and reggae but is competent in all genres.

As a vocal coach she is equally at home in a formal school/university setting or in an informal community/recording studio setting as her personal belief is that the voice is an instrument that takes years to develop. Some of us are gifted and can sing beautifully from a young age and some of us can take years to learn the basics. It’s a different journey for everyone. What is the same for everyone is the joy, release and pleasure singing brings and my personal aim is to always touch on that for everyone I teach or help to sing!

Self-expression is necessary for personal well-being and whether a person is expressing that through painting, dancing, writing, singing, playing an instrument etc. they will benefit in some way from engaging in that process.

Sophia has worked at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre leading vocal groups and choirs and at Campsfield House Immigration Centre and The Mill, Oxford for a community exchange project for MID.