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(Re)Calling all choirs

(Re)Calling all choirs

16th November 2017

Is your choir looking for some new material or in need of some inspiration? We might have just the idea for you…

We're relaunching our callout to choirs! Around a year ago we asked choirs to get in touch if they were interested in covering one of our songs recorded in immigration detention. We had such a great response that we are sending another callout to keep this project going.

The idea for this project was born after the wonderful Lips Choir (an all-woman choir based in London) heard about Music In Detention’s Yarl’s Wood choir and their recording of Rihanna’s song ‘Stay’, and decided to perform their own version at their 2015 Christmas concert. They dedicated their performance to the women of Yarl’s Wood, and it was filmed and made into this beautiful video:

Video of Lips Choir performing 'Stay'

A few months later, in July 2017, Horsell Community Choir performed their version of 'Long Time Girl' a Jamaican folk song we recorded in Yarl's Wood back in 2015. Not only did the choir help bring the music of Yarl's Wood to a beautiful 12th century church in Surrey, but they also encouraged their kind audience to donate helping us to raise over £200. 

We filmed their performance:

Long Time Girl

What your choir can do:

So this is where you come in. We are looking for more choirs who would be interested in covering a song that has been written and produced in immigration detention, so that this music can be heard far and wide. We have songs to suit all sorts of choirs, with genres ranging from reggae, to pop, to hip hop, and even the odd ballad and folk tune! You are welcome to explore our back catalogue – you can browse by detention centre, or type a genre into the search bar and see what comes up: http://www.musicindetention.org.uk/player/

Alternatively, we would be happy to send you some suggestions for songs that might suit your choir.

Like the choirs mentioned above, you might like to perform the song at one of your concerts and you may wish to dedicate the performance to those who find themselves detained. Knowing that people outside have not forgotten them is a big boost to detainees who face profound uncertainty. You may like to make a recording and even a music video. Or perhaps you could fundraise for Music In Detention at one of your concerts. Or you may have another creative idea that we haven’t thought of yet!

If your choir is interested in getting involved, please email Sally: sally@musicindetention.org.uk or give us a call at the office on 020 7014 2811. We look forward to hearing from you!