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Trustee vacancy

Trustee vacancy

9th December 2014

MID is looking for an able and motivated individual, with professional experience in the music or wider arts sector, to strengthen its committed and experienced Board of Trustees

MID's Board meets 4 times a year in London.  We also seek to involve Trustees in the work of the organisation outside of Board meetings, for example by visiting music workshops once in a while, and joining sub-committees (Finance, Ethics, Communications). We pay travel expenses but of course the role of Trustee is unpaid.

This website will tell you a lot about MID's work.  At the bottom of this page you can download the following documents which give more information about MID and the role of Trustee:

  • Unheard Voices: Introduction to Music In Detention
  • Draft Annual Report and Accounts for 2013-14
  • Trustee Role Description
  • Trustee Code of Conduct

This is an open recruitment process, though without a set deadline, to fill one trustee vacancy.  The process will work as follows:

  1. If you've had a look at the papers and are interested in the role, then please email john@musicindetention.org.uk, to register your interest and give a bit of information about yourself.
  2. Then we'll arrange a meeting or phone call, to talk about the role informally. 
  3. Then, if you want to be considered for the role of trustee, we'll send you an "Offer of Service" form to complete.

Please do email John if you have any queries.

Thank you!

Unheard Voices: Introduction to MID

Annual Report & Accounts 2013-14

Trustee Role Description

Trustee Code of Conduct