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Why does music give us chills?

Why does music give us chills?

2nd September 2015

In an article published today (02/09/15) on the Guardian's website, David Shariatmadari explores the much Googled question: 'Why does music give us chills?'. Many of the points made in the article resonate strongly with our own work delivering music workshops in Immigration Removal Centres and emphasise the profound impact we believe music can have.  

In response to our workshops, we often find that detainees talk about channelling their emotions through music and experiencing the stress relief provided by making and listening to music. These ideas are backed up in the article, with a quote from neuroscientist Jessica Grahn explaining that "emotion regulation is one of the most common reasons people put music on and decide to listen to it".  

The article also refers to the theory that music can "help us form social bonds", this is something we often observe in our workshops where social bonds between detainees and between detainees and detention centre staff are established and solidified.

To read the article in full on The Guardian's website, click HERE.