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MID is able to develop and deliver its unique range of participatory music-making activities by working closely with a variety of different partner organisations.

Music providers

Our partnership with our main music provider organisation, Music for Change is fundamental to our work. They provide a diverse range of professional artistic talent, covering most musical genres and musical traditions from all over the world. The artists are experienced facilitators and enablers whilst being highly skilled in their musicianship, dance or songwriting. Each workshop is facilitated by two artists, each bringing their own unique skills to the session.

Key staff members at Music for Change use their expertise and experience in meeting the needs of various MID programmes across the detention estate and in the neighbouring community settings. They carefully select the artists for each workshop and collaborate with them afterwards on producing the recorded music for the participants and the general public to enjoy.

  • Music for Change

Previous delivery partners

Previous delivery partners include Asian Music Circuit, Drum Runners and Oxford Concert Party.

  • Asian Music Circuit

Local community partners

We work with community partners who are local to the centres where we deliver our workshops. Our aim is to create a human connection through music-making between people in neighbouring communities and people in detention. MID has worked with a range of organisations including schools, centres for the elderly, mental health support groups, homelessness charities, disability groups, youth support centres and a creche and training centre for parents. The artists facilitate an exchange of lyrics, music and artwork by visiting both people in the centre and people in the community during the course of a community exchange project. We want these exchanges to provide all participants with a rich and stimulating cultural and creative experience, from working with professional musicians and producing a CD to performing and experiencing different musical styles and cultures.

  • Motiv8
  • Family Groups: Bedford
  • Oxford Homless Pathways
  • Dover Youth HQ
  • Priory Fields Primary School
  • Harlington Community School
  • Fusion United Voices
  • Nimrod Community Centre
  • Fareham & Gosport MIND
  • Restore
  • Oakley Rural day centre
  • Crisis Skylight Oxford
  • Oxfordshire Youth
  • ArtsXChange
  • Rowner Community Trust
  • Artswork - Strong Voices
  • YMCA West London
  • Porchlight
  • Bedford Creative Arts
  • OYAP (Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership) Trust
  • Base 33