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Crisis Skylight Oxford

Crisis Skylight Oxford

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Crisis Skylight is a national UK charity for single homeless people. It is committed to helping homeless people to change their lives for the better, and also aims to change the way society treats homeless people.

Crisis Skylight Oxford is an education, training and employment centre that offers practical and creative workshops, advice, and training programmes, with the aim of preparing people to find and keep work. It also has a social enterprise café that provides on-the-job and accredited training and experience, while raising esteem of homeless people through interaction with customers.

In 2013 Crisis Skylight Oxford collaborated with Music in Detention via its delivery partner, Music for Change, to produce the CD ‘Unlock Freedom In My Mind’, where music and lyrics were created both by detainees at Campsfield House IRC and service users of Crisis Skylight in Oxford. The two groups never met but their words and musical expression met in a virtual space.