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Fareham & Gosport MIND

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MIND is a charity that aids and supports users and ex-users of mental health services, as well as their carers and families. Its vision is of a society that promotes and protects good mental health for everyone and doesn’t discriminate against people with experience of mental distress. Its centre in Gosport provides advice and information, art therapy, complementary and alternative therapies and workshops, and also facilitates social and support groups.

In June 2011 Fareham & Gosport MIND collaborated with Music In Detention via its delivery partner, Drum Runners, to produce the CD ‘Let me Go’, where music and lyrics were created both by detainees at Haslar IRC and service users of MIND in Gosport. The two groups have never met but their words and musical expression have met in a virtual space.

"At first detainees wanted to express their own words and music but after listening to the poems from Mind they said:

'That's exactly it, that's how we feel, that's my life story they are saying there, let's not change any of the words and sing this.'

They also went on to write response songs back to the Mind group. The Mind group are almost clairvoyant knowing the depths of the human mind as talented as a psychiatrist. Lots of songs to look forward to on the upcoming CD ..."

Paul from Drum Runners, artist who co-facilitated the project