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Oakley Rural day centre

Oakley Rural day centre

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The aim at Oakley Rural day centre is to provide a warm, friendly and safe environment, where clients can spend a fun, engaging day with a variety of activities both on and off-site. 

In March 2013 clients from Oakley Rural day centre collaborated in creating, exchanging and recording musical and lyrical compositions working in parallel with people detained at Yarl's Wood. Artists from Asian Music Circuit worked separately with both groups. 

Women participants at Oakley Rural empathized with being separated from their children and wrote lyrics about life changing and rearranging, hoping to send a positive message to detainees. For their part, women detained at Yarl's Wood added various instrumentals and vocals to the track, reflecting on themes such as home, family, friendship and things that made them happy, ending these thoughts with the message ‘we wish you a good life’. Song titles included 'Togetherness', 'Message of Spring' and 'Freedom'.