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Phoning Home

About the partners:

Music In Detention (MID) runs participatory music-making workshops for immigration detainees, helping them create music together. MID has also pioneered the use of music-making to connect detainees to communities close to Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs), enabling them to co-create and exchange music and lyrics with each other, and build mutual understanding.

Solent MID is the local partnership in Hampshire.

Rowner Community Trust works with local people to establish a strong active community. It was set up with the support of the Rowner Renewal Partnership, local residents and other local bodies. RCT supports the economic, social and environmental improvement and community development in the Rowner area, which is undergoing regeneration including demolition of old housing stock and rebuilding.

About the tracks:

1. This Journey
Autobiographical, reflective and honest. The possibility of people in your community or family 'getting behind you' regardless of what you've done, how they can 'sing hope' into your life and walk the journey with you.

2. Learning Curve
What would you say if you could leave a voicemail for your younger self? Or if you met them in a dream? What advice and messages would you offer?

3. Our World
A celebration of those who become 'our world' and with whom we are intimate in spite of and because of our differences and how we can use this picture in the way we live together in our communities.

4. We Are All One
This track came out of a collaborative jam. It brings together a wide range of cultural and personal perspectives to find that in the end, we are all one. 

With thanks to Haslar IRC and Rowner Community Trust

Music on this CD was created during a collaborative community exchange project in August 2014 between detainees at Haslar IRC and the local community organisation Rowner Community Trust.

This project was delivered by Simon Paylor of Fugitive Music.

Contributions were made by Stuart Lovibond, Deirdre Lucas and others who chose to contribute anonymously.

Arrangements, additional instrumentation and vocals: RCT and HIRC participants with Fugitive Music.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Fugitive Music:


This Journey

Ballad, Rock, Soul


Learning Curve

Hip hop, Rap


Our World

Rap, Bhangra, Funk


We Are All One

Samba, Rock

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