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Friends in the City of Atlantis

In May 2014 Music In Detention arranged a programme of music workshops involving participants from Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre, North Leigh Youth Project (NLYP) and an Oxfordshire youth arts project. Participants in three settings communicated and collaborated through music, poetry and artwork. This album is a record of their exchanges.

The first section of the album contains live recordings of sharing sessions in Campsfield House. Large crowds would gather to hear solo performances and everyone would join in singing sea shanties together, such as Lordy Lordy Lordy. The Farming song was offered by Munya, Entertainments Officer in Campsfield, drawing out a theme of worksongs. This inspired songwriting sessions at NLYP, where the young people created Friends in the City of Atlantis with George Latore, an amazing spoken word artist from Campsfield.

As the exchanges gathered momentum, the theme of love inspired some original collaborative pieces. Love Dedication Nature and Rainbow Style combined a talented producer named Young Teekay with George Latore. The Final Piece is performed by Lianne and Live in Hope features Eva of NLYP.

The project reached a crescendo with Fight to be Free, created from exchanges between Oli and participants from Campsfield. This piece commemorates the value of sharing our struggles in life, finding mutual support and motivation in others. Finally, Double Impact is a poem written by George Latore and performed collectively by young people from both settings.

Many thanks to Emily Watts, Laura Sewell, Alice Dore, Emmy Tulane-Cassia, Mary Ball, Ash Fell, Andrew Prior, Carinya Sharples, Anna de Mutiis and Katie Bruce for their support during the workshops. All images were created by North Leigh Youth Project and James.

Music In Detention works with immigration detainees, bringing them together with professional musicians and local communities to share, create and enjoy music, enabling often-ignored voices to be heard in new ways. 

Music for Change is a leading educational arts organisation, committed to promoting awareness, understanding and respect for cultural diversity. Working with skilled artists from around the world, the charity encourages people to celebrate cultural diversity whilst challenging preconceptions and prejudice.

Album recorded and produced by Kevin Davidson.
All tracks created by participants from Campsfield, NLYC and Oxfordshire Youth Arts Project. 


Folk Song (trad.) - Guul

Folk, pashto


Lordy Lordy Lordy (trad.)

Folk, sea shanty


Farming song (trad.)

Traditional, farming song


Folk Song (trad.) - Téa

Folk, bosnian


Love Dedication Nature

Love song


The Final Piece

Hip-hop, pop


Love Is...

Love, spoken word


Live in Hope

Ballad, rap


Fight to be Free

Spoken word, electronic


Blue Suede Shoes (cover)

Elvis cover, rock and roll


Rainbow Style

Hip-hop, rap


Double Impact

Poetry, collaboration

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