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The Challenge

During the October half term in 2012 a group of young people were inspired by the stories they had heard about immigration detainees and their experiences of detention to sign up for a week long intensive music making project in tandem with sessions taking place in a detention centre. The young people created their own musical compositions to show empathy and support for men detained at Harmondsworth IRC, near London's Heathrow airport. Detainees at Harmondsworth composed music which carried important messages for young people living in the UK today. The result of this powerful collaboration can be heard on this CD.

This project was delivered by the Asian Music Circuit and facilitated by Shammi Pithia and Michael Goodey on behalf of Music In Detention.

The Asian Music Circuit is the leading promoter of Asian music in the UK. It has successfully established a reputation of producing innovative tours, concerts and educational projects of the highest standard. 

Music In Detention works with immigration detainees, bringing them together with professional musicians and local communities to share, create and enjoy music, enabling often-ignored voices to be heard in new ways. 

"The Challenge's mission is to 'build stronger local communities' and to connect local people through common projects. Working alongside Music In Detention we were able to introduce a group of our young people to some of the most isolated people in their local community. Many of our young people came on this project to simply make music, but by the end of the week felt a real empathy with those in detention and a real desire to change things. I would like to thank the group at Harmondsworth and Music In Detention for making this fantastic project a reality."
Sebastian O'Driscoll, The Challenge

"Music is a common language that transcends age, nationality, and, through the Community Exchange, detention. Within that creative moment all is equal and the men and staff at Harmondsworth would like to thank the youth involved in The Challenge for all their hard work and commitment in this project."
Karen Barton, Harmondsworth IRC

A special thanks go to all the young people and the detainees that participated in this project. An extra special thank you to Shammi and Michael for devising and delivering the workshops and to Sebastian O'Driscoll, from The Challenge Network, for making this project possible.

All tracks recorded, arranged and produced by Shammi Pithia and Michael Goodey. Mixed by Shammi Pithia.


All I Need (The Challenge group)

Soul, R&B


Time Tik Toks (D from Harmondsworth)

Spoken word & rap


Be Strong (The Challenge Group)

Soul, R&B


Questions (The Challenge group and Harmondsworth IRC detainees)

Spoken Word


Thank You & Goodbye (The Challenge group)

Spoken word

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