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Happiness Is...

The recordings on this CD are the culmination of a Community Exchange project between detainees at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and members of Family Groups, Bedford. The aim of the project was to create a connection between detainees and people in the local community, The project ran for 6 weeks in September and October 2010. 

Family Groups Bedford

"The project has enabled Family Groups staff and members to work as a team to produce the songs for the CD. The sessions became the highlight of the week and although everyone was very proud of their achievements they were also sad that it had come to an end. Our members were given an opportunity to take part in writing, singing and recordng music and to gain an insight into the circumstances in which detainees at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal centre find themselves. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to participate in a project which we would not normally have the chance to experience and will leave a lasting legacy for us to remember for years to come."
Derry Deynes, Family Groups, Bedford

What members of Family Groups, Bedford said about the project:
"I really enjoyed the project. It was fun, relaxed and very productive. Everyone was treated equally and everyone's opinion and ideas were listened to and taken into account."
"I have learned that music is a universal language that has no barriers and touches the heart of everyone from all backgrounds and cultures." 

Yarl's Wood IRC

"All of the residents who participated in the project were very enthusiastic. Residents feel that the music is something which they can get involved in and takes their minds off their immediate problems and allows them a period of enjoyment and solace within the centre. It was also a joy to meet the group of women who visited from Bedford."
Lisa Hooper, Yarl's Wood IRC

Asian Music Circuit

This project was delivered by Asian Music Circuit, on behalf of Music In Detention.  The artistic team was led by Arjunan Manuelpillai.

Thanks to: Elka Jane Lester, Claire Hare, Katy J Osborne, Rachel Woods, Laxmi Patel, Charlotte Day, Emma Thorman, Derry Dynes, Katy Plumb, Kerry-Ann Caudle, Sasha Clarke, Jahanara Sadique, Susan Lane from Family Groups, Bedford; and parrticipants and staff at Yarl's Wood IRC for their enthusiasm, energy and engagement with the project.

Music In Detention

Music In Detention works through music to give voice to immigration detainees and create channels of communication between them, immigration detention staff, local communities and the wider public.


Happiness Is (Family Groups)

Soft rock, ambient


Dear Child (Family Groups)

Soft rock


When I Think About My Children (Yarl's Wood)

Soft rock, ballad


I'm Thankful (Yarl's Wood)

Soft rock, soul


A Thousand Years (Yarl's Wood)

Soft rock, gospel


Night Out (Family Groups)

Funk, R&B

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