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Here We Are

"A group of 15 of our Year 7 and 8 pupils were involved in the Music In Detention project with Drum Runners. The pupils developed their knowledge of musical performance and wrote lyrics to contribute to a final performance and CD. Through this the pupils developed a growing understanding of children living in detention, parallels and differences between their own lives, and empathy for others. This has been a key lever in developing the knowledge of people living in detention both across the school and in our local community. The pupils themselves grew in self-esteem and confidence during the project and performed with aplomb to two full houses of local community spectators during our cultural day celebrations.

A huge thank you from the school, the pupils and the community to Liza, Jason, Paul and Lucky for working with us and providing a unique experience to our pupils. We look forward to working with you again soon." 
Harrowden Middle School

"Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre would like to thank MID and Drum Runners for the exceptional service and dedication shown over the two years we have been working together. Music In Detention always gets a positive response from all the residents under our care who always have good things to say about the programmes delivered."
Yarl's Wood IRC

Music In Detention works through music to give voice to immigration detainees and create channels of communication between them, immigration detention staff, local communities and the wider public.

This project was delivered by Drum Runners and facilitated by Paul Midgley and Lucky Moyo, on behalf of Music In Detention. 07843 348656

The recordings on this CD are the culmination of a Community Exchange Project between children detained at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and pupils from Harrowden Middle School

The aim of the project was to create a connection between detainees and local people through music. The project took place between June and July 2010.

All tracks produced by Paul Midgley.

Special thanks go to all the participants of the project.

Additional thanks go to: all the staff at Yarl's Wood IRC and Harrowden Middle School who made it possible and supported the workshops and the project.


Humming Bird House



Hey Hey



Harrowden Vox3

Call and response


Around The World



Be Happy

A capella


50 Station



Baby Korean Bruder






Yes Teacher



Harrowden Vox2

Call and response

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