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I am Everywhere

Proud2B Fareham is a group for people with learning disabilities from diverse backgrounds who live in the South fo Hampshire. Proud2B would like to thank the wonderfully welcoming staff at the Nimrod centre (who kindly hosted the community side of the project); the staff and management at Bath lane day services who have been supporting the group since its cration and have been providing transport for the team; the detainees at Haslar with whom the group was able to exchange some musical "hellos"; and Paul and Solo who guided the group through this process and provided such a wonderful opportunity to be creative and have fun!

IRC Haslar are pleased to be working alongside Music In Detention to be able to provide an expressive and creative outlet for the immigration detainees in their care. Haslar embraces the cultural diversity of its detainee population and encourages detainees to celebrate their unique cultural identity and nationality through music, dance and song. Music In Detention workshops assist IRC Haslar in promoting respect for the many cultural differences between the nationalities of detainees and promotes positive interaction between staff and detainees.

"This is fun. I liked recording our voices. I hope people who listen to us like it too!" Participant, Proud2B.

Music In Detention works through music to give voice to immigration detainees and create channels of communication between them, immigration detention staff, local communities and the wider public.

This project was delivered by Drum Runners, facilitated by Paul Midgley, Rocky Chessman and Solo Banton, on behalf of Music In Detention. 07843 348656 

The recordings on this CD are the culmination of a Community Exchange Project between detainees at Haslar Immigration Removal Centre and participants from Proud2B. The aim of the project was to create a connection between detainees and local people through music. Thoughts and feelings were also shared visually between the two groups through the use of art and picture frames. The project took place between January and February 2010.

All tracks produced by Paul Midgley.

Special thanks go to all the detainees and participants who took part.

Additional thanks go to: Simon Paylor, Rachel Thompson and Marie-Claude Barker at IRC Haslar;
Kevin Byrne, Sophie Pleydell and Dominique Rawlings from Proud2B;
and to everyone who supported the workshops and the project. 





I Am Everywhere

Reggae, a cappella, drumming


On Planet A




Ballad, ambient





Our Dreams

Hip hop, a cappella, drumming

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