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Hide and Seeker

The recordings on this CD are the culmination of a Community Exchange Project between detainees at Haslar Immigration Removal Centre and participants from motiv8 in Gosport. The project took place during August and September 2009.

motiv8 is a charity that engages young people and supports them to make better life choices.
"The Music In Detention project was a great opportunity for our young people to gain an understanding and awareness about the detainees in Haslar through the vehicle of music. The young people were able to use these sessions to express their thoughts and opinions on this topic. The group learned a lot from having the time to consider what the detainees may have, or are experiencing. I was lucky enough to be involved in these sessions and feel that they are amongst the most successful and fulfilling projects that our young people have been involved in." 
Sarah Glanister, Support Worker, motiv8

IRC Haslar are pleased to be working alongside Music In detention to be able to provide an expressive and creative outlet for the immigration detainees in their care. They embrace the cultural diversity of their detainee population and encourage detainees to celebrate their unique cultural identity and nationality through music, dance and song. Music In Detention workshops assist IRC Haslar in promoting respect for the many cultural differences between the nationalities of detainees and promotes positive interaction between staff and detainees.

Music In Detention works through music to give voice to immigration detainees and create channels of communication between them, immigration detention staff, local communities and the wider public.

This project was delivered by Drum Runners, facilitated by Rocky Chessman and Solo Banton, on behalf of Music In Detention. 07843 348656

Special thanks go to all the detainees and participants who took part.

Additional thanks go to Simon Paylor, Rachel Thompson and Marie-Claude Barker at IRC Haslar; Sarah Glanister and Steve Nash from motiv8 and to everyone who supported the workshops and the project. 


This is the Way

Funk, R&B, rap


Our Journey

Easy reggae


Mes Sentiments

Funk, blues



Funk, blues


I Feel Your Pain

Funk, lo-fi, rap


Hide and Seeker


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