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The recordings on this CD and the artworks displayed on the sleeve are the culmination of a Community Exchange Project between detainees at Haslar Immigration Removal Centre and participants from the Nimrod Community Centre in Rowner, Gosport. The project took place between November and December 2008 and was based on the theme of 'Changes'.

As well as the songs, dances and artworks created, the project also included a public performance by the community participants at the Nimrod Community Centre on 12 December 2008, involving the Mayor of Gosport, Councillor Derek Kimber, who joined the drumming alongside the local beat police.

This project was delivered by Drum Runners, facilitated by Paul Midgley, Kerry Fletcher, Thomas Christen, June Allbutt and Ria Loveridge, on behalf of Music In Detention as part of its national programme of using music to enhance the quality of life for immigration detainees and promoting intercultural understanding and positive attitudes about asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants.

Bonus tracks

In addition to the four main tracks there are two bonus tracks by young immigration detainees. These are from another Music In Detention project which took place in December 2008 at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre facilitated by Drum Runners artists Paul Midgley and Anna Tabbush.



Hip hop


Makes Me Smile

Hip hop, rap



Hip hop





Catch The Rabbit - Bonus track

Hip hop, Samba maracatu


London Town - Bonus track

Shanty, folk, hip hop, beatboxing

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