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Song of Freedom/Voice of the People

Over four days staff and detainees at Harmondsworth IRC worked together to write, arrange and record two brand new pieces of music. This CD is the result of that unique collaboration.

Song of Freedom

Free yourself from oppression and shame
Free yourself from the fire and flame
When the flame rise do you run away
Or like Malcolm and Martin will you stay
Moses led his people to the promised land
Freedom from bondage we all understand
But what about the freedom that starts in your mind
Freedom is a goal we all have to find

Freedom oh freedom, freedom oh freedom
Freedom is a must I know 
Freedom is a must I know 
Freedom is a must I know 
Freedom is a must I know 

Sometimes freedom waiting outside the gate
Sometimes freedom come a little too late
Freedom is a feeling of liberation
Freedom is a song that come  from meditation
By any means necessary freedom must be ours
Even if a sacrifice means wreath and flowers
So think about the freedom that starts in your mind
Freedom is a goal that we all have to find


Voice of the People

This one is straight from prison from detention centre
Reaching out to all the people in the world
Those that locked up behind bars
Those that lost their liberty
Those that are in starvation
This reaching out to you all from straight behind bars

I want to be free
To be free is what I wanna be
Free like the birds and the bees
Free like the fish in the sea
I want to be free
To be free is what I wanna to be
Free from brutality
Free from captivity
Oh oh oh oh

I believe in being free like the air that we breathe
That we needin' like carbon dioxide and oxygen to live
Wondering if one day I would lose hope
By myself how would I cope (only through the Lord)
Locked up behind this detention centre is a mental torture
A lot of things that I've told ya I wanna hold ya
But everytime I wanna approach ya

You keep on pushin' me back
I'm trapped
Freedom is for you and me
It's so good to be free
To see what I want to see
To be what I want to be
Oh oh oh oh

I'm losin' my faither, locked up in this maze
With nowhere to get away
Locked up my liberty, oppressing my dignity
By throwing away the key, for me not to be me, 'B'
I miss my family, a lonely soul expressing his agony
My friend in me are happy, my family they miss me
Rollercoaster, emotion back and forth
Like a frisbee, who can save me?
The system's set up to keep us in captivity
Standing tall, freeing myself
Through my rhythm capacity I'm free

The residency was facilitated by ‘H’ in collaboration with Alexander D Great, with sound engineering and mixing by Anton French. The project was delivered in partnership with Music for Change.



Song of Freedom

Reggae, spiritual, jazz and gospel influences


Voice of the People

Soft rock, Cuban jazz and capoeira influences

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