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Stay a While; We got the Right

Over six days in November and December 2007, two musicians, Lucky Moyo and Tea Hodzic, worked with Year 5 pupils from St Mary's CE Primary School, Dover, and with detaineesat Dover Immigration Removal Centre to facilitate a musical encounter.

As it was impossible for the two groups to meet physically it was decided that they would jointly work on two pieces of music, playing a part in writing, composing, performing, arranging and recording. They worked from the themes of shared rights, and the feelings that we all experience about leaving our homes. These were ideas that could unite the pupils and the detainees, and that highlight the similarities between people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The outcome is this joint recording of two songs.

We hope you enjoy the pieces and the messages that they convey.

Devised and produced by Douglas Noble (Music for Change) on behalf of Music In Detention.

Music In Detention is an independent charity that sees music as a universal human right. We work through music to:

- Support immigration detainees and to show their humanity to themselves and others
- Create channels of communication and links between detainees, staff, local community and the wider public
- Foster good relationships and improve the quality of life for the detainees
- Challenge negative perceptions of asylum seekers and migrants locally and among the wider public

We believe that by working independently within the system we can help detainees to cope with detention and make an impact on other people's perception of them. 


Stay A While



We Got The Right

Pop, gospel

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