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Unheard Voices: Sounds of MID

This CD contains a selection of music and words created in our workshops.

We had always thought a MID compilation CD would be a great tribute to the numerous projects which have taken place, then it came to actually producing one… How to choose from over 400 tracks? Each one a unique collaboration involving detainees, community group participants, detention centre staff and MID musicians created over the past 9 years. I knew I had many favourites but would other people like them?

Thankfully our colleague Ruth Nicholson has an in-depth knowledge of the music as she has been volunteering for MID for 18 months, steadily working away on the immense task of uploading the full back catalogue of music onto the website. Katie Bruce, our Programme Assistant, is familiar with a lot of the recent music created as she has been collecting precious information on the latest projects.

So we chose our favourites across a range of genres and got the list down to 30! Still too many… How to do justice to the range of talent and creativity? How to choose from so many poignant and moving songs? We also wanted to include recordings which give a sense of being in a workshop session and represent different nationalities.

Time for an outsider’s objective opinion! Introducing James Baker, someone who had never heard any of the music before but who definitely has a good ear. James is a sound editor living in New York, originally from the UK; he is familiar with the complexities and challenges of life as a migrant. Through a contact he expressed an interest in volunteering for MID in some way. Perfect timing! I asked him to help us select 10 tracks from 30, in a very short space of time. James listened to all the tracks repeatedly over two days until an arrangement emerged that he was happy with, a musical journey that could take you to different parts of the world. He enlisted the help of a Grammy nominated producer, Derek Pacuk, who went on to expertly master all the tracks for us, ready to go to the pressing plant.



The Streetz (Mohamed Shyeim aka KB)

Hip hop


Jah Nuh Mek No Junk



Song of Freedom

Reggae, spiritual, jazz and gospel influences


The Old Culture / By The Eyes



Loved and Loving-Home is Family



Little Thing



Kurdish Love Song



Get That Girl



Stay Strong

Reggaeton, R&B


All I Need

Soul, R&B

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