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Set Me Free

These tracks are the result of four participatory music making workshops with artists from Music for Change that took place at Campsfield House IRC, Harmondsworth IRC and Colnbrook IRC in May 2016.

Although they never met, detainees from these three centres contributed and collaborated to make the 'Set Me Free' tune which was written in response to the 2016 Refugee Week theme of 'Welcome'.

At first this theme jarred with detainees, as many of them did not feel welcome in the UK. However this sparked discussion and led to the creation of this artistic response created around the central lyrics of 'Set Me Free'.

The second song was written by Greg Kessel, who at the time of recording was being detained at Colnbrook IRC, he brought his lyrics which he had already constructed, to the workshop and worked with the musicians to create the 'Colnbrook Blues'.


Set Me Free

Pop, Hip-hop, Rap


Colnbrook Blues by Greg Kessel


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