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This album was created by musicians detained at Morton Hall IRC, in October 2019 and February 2020.

The first workshops were led by Emmanuel the Magnificent and Shammi Pithia. Sally Jaquet's vocals - the then MID Project Co-ordinator - are also featured on these songs.

The second set of workshops were led by Anna de Mutiis and Sophia Ripley. A prominient voice in these songs is Joseph, a Roma musician, who also composed some of the songs himself.

*Please note*

Mind-Blowing, I Don't Know, See Me Smiling and Grind contain explicit language.

Three tracks from this album have won recognition from the prestigious Koestler Awards (2020):

'Grind' received a GOLD AWARD.

'A Me Na Peciaw' received a BRONZE award.

'See Me Smiling (Never Keep Me Down)' received a HIGHLY COMMENDED award.


I Don't Know

Morton Hall IRC: 2019-20


Duj Duj

Morton Hall IRC: 2019-20


A Me Na Paciaw

Morton Hall IRC: 2019-20



Morton Hall IRC: 2019-20

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